Promotion Info

Thank you for choosing to learn more about this Daily Spin promotion! Read about how you can win $100 simply for surfing the web and having a good sense of humor.

Daily Spin is an online news outfit that reports on the most interesting updates posted directly by public personalities (i.e., politicians, actors, athletes, musicians and even the Kardashians) on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We are constantly looking for fresh and compelling posts to feature on our site and we invite you to look at our website to get a feel for some of the posts that we have featured.

How does one submit a post?

It is quite easy... Find an actual update on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ by a celebrity or public figure that you think is compelling, very funny or remarkably insightful and submit it to the site using the Submit button on our home page.

Include a headline of your own words and a few sentences on what the celebrity’s post is about. Be sure to take a look at a few samples on our site to see how it is done. Please include the date on which the update was originally posted by the celebrity.

How do we select a winner?

Daily Spin’s editors look for posts that are: authentic (we verify that the post was actually from a verified celebrity), recent, compelling and we also consider "spin" or headline that you include. In essence, make the update as interesting or funny as you can in order to increase your chances of winning.

How often are winners selected?

We will select no more than one winner each week.

How does one know if a post was selected as a winning post?

We will notify you if you are selected AND your post will feature an "Award Winner" tag on our home page.

How do winners get paid?

We pay $100 in a check or via Paypal depending on your preferences.

We reserve the right to feature all submitted posts on Daily Spin; however, only the posts selected as winners will get the $100 award. Any featured post will show the submitter's Twitter, Facebook or Google user handle. Please ensure that you are sourcing from actual celebrities rather than impostors AND remember to be creative, original and funny.