About Us

Daily Spin was founded in 2011 and is based in New York City.

What is Daily Spin?

Daily Spin is an independent online media company that is solely focused on finding and presenting the most compelling commentary posted by notable public figures and groups on major social media platforms. Daily Spin has the distinction of being the first and largest independent news media firm strictly focused on social media.

What do we cover?

First, we only do commentary and updates sourced within Social Media. We cover a broad spectrum of subjects from political and social commentary to personal updates. For instance, if a public figure puts out a post that the editorial team deems somewhat compelling, we vet the post and we report it.

How do we find or select posts?

Some of our posts are submitted by users and then put through the editorial approval process. We also source interesting posts using proprietary techniques and tools. And as is typical in media outfits, our editorial staff have final say over what gets featured on our site.

Why are we called "Daily Spin"?

It is 2011 and really cute names like "Apple" and "Google" are already taken, and so we decided to go with "Daily Spin". Given that we focus on reporting updates made by public figures, the term "Spin" is obviously self-explanatory. For that matter, so is "Daily."

Why do we focus only on Social Media posts?

Well... why does Heinz make great ketchup? We only do commentary from Social Media because people want it and nobody does it better.